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Novice Rowing Program

Novice Enthusiasts- Registration will open on May 27th, at 9:00pm.

Register for 2019 Season!

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After you complete LTR, you will be ready to decide if rowing is 'for you' and if you're ready to commit to a more intensive (and fun!) training plan to become proficient on the water.


The ARC Novice Program is a comprehensive 9-week session consisting of three (3) practices per week. The Novice program will culminate in a fun and spirited club-wide "Race" and a pot luck celebration! Participants who commit to the program and complete it become well versed in all facets of sweep rowing including safety, technique, training and competition. The Novice Program is a fantastic way to 'get into' this great sport.


$450.00 payable to Annapolis Rowing Club electronically via our secure website. Payment must be made electronically at the time of registration. No Refunds will be given once the program has begun.


In addition to completing one (1) LTR session, all Novice Program participants will be required to sign an acknowledgement confirming their ability to swim as well as a US Rowing liability waiver.

Please note that rowing is a physically demanding sport that uses your entire body. Rowers are required to carry boats and oars at each practice, which requires enough strength to lift at least 35 pounds over head. If you are unable to squat, put weight on your knees, or have concerns about your participation in boat carries, please contact us directly. Before starting any exercise program, please consult your physician or qualified health professional.

Admission to the ARC Novice Program is conducted on a first-come-first-served basis; however, the number of participants is limited to 32 due to equipment, coaching, and club volunteer availability. Registration will not open until after the completion of the final Learn-to-Row session to provide an equal opportunity for all participants to register.

Practice Schedule:

The ARC Novice Program will begin June10, 2019 with practices continuing through August 10, 2019.


Monday and Wednesday Evenings (6:00pm - 8:00pm)

Saturday Mornings (8:30am - 10:30am)

Note: First class is an orientation day, and therefore it is requested that all registrants plan to attend this very important session. We understand that scheduling conflicts are inevitable, but please notify us immediately if you cannot attend this important first day.

Annapolis Rowing Club @ Gingerville Yachting Center. Click HERE to map directions to our location. Parking is available on-site. Arrive via Sunset Drive, turn right and park up on top of the hill near the Boathouse. Please drive carefully through the lot and keep an eye out for people carrying equipment.


In order to successfully complete the ARC Novice Program, you must:

  • Participate in a minimum of 50% of the Novice practices. More is better!
  • Participate regularly. While the ARC Novice Program is structured to provide flexibility for individuals to miss practices due to vacation, family and work commitments, etc., regular practice and repetition is the biggest key to success in the program. Participants should make an effort to attend as many practices as possible.
  • Those who successfully complete the program will be welcomed to join ARC as regular members and may row with an appropriately established ARC group.
While our track record of advancing participants through the Novice Program is exceptional, there have been individuals in the past who have not successfully completed the program. In such instances, the participant may be encouraged to repeat the Novice Program or to consider another more suitable sport.

What to Expect (and what will be expected of you):
  • Safety. Participants are to follow ARC's established safety procedures and coach's instructions.
  • Hard work. Be mentally and physically prepared to work at each practice
  • Honoring your commitments. When you sign up to row, be there.
  • Be prepared. That event means rowing in the rain (but not lightning or dangerous conditions).
  • Be on time. Arrive 15 minutes before the start of each practice and be ready to go.
  • Keep an open mind. Be ready to learn!
  • Stay conditioned. Get yourself and keep yourself in good physical shape.
  • You will be actively coached. Expect to improve daily.
  • Keep your progress in perspective. Some practice will go really well, others will not
  • Fun and fulfillment will happen naturally. You'll make plenty of new friends, too!
  • We will attempt to go out on the water for every practice.  However, there are weather circumstances etc. which are out of our control, so there could be cancellations.  The schedule cannot be adjusted to compensate, though land-based training may conducted if conditions preclude going out on the water.
  • Coach’s discretion if a practice needs to be cancelled due to weather
  • There will be times when Vice-President and Coaches will error on the side of caution.
  • Signs of practice being cancelled are
    • Lightening, Heavy rain
    • High wind
    • Rough water
    • Extreme heat

Learn More:
Do you have a specific question regarding the Novice Program?  If so, please contact our Vice President.

N17s on their last day of the 2017 Novice Program.

What do previous ARC Novices have to say about the Novice Program...

"I wanted to take a moment to let you know what a joy it has been to be a part of the Annapolis Rowing Club this season.  After a recommendation from a current member, I decided to take the plunge into the Learn to Row weekend.  I was met with great challenges, great encouragement, and a desire to learn more.  The N17 class was led by capable and motivating coaches and volunteers, which made learning a new skill exciting and challenging.  Being out on the river, around positive and engergetic people and doing physical drills brought peace of mind and body.  I am truly grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this unique and memorable club. Many thanks to you and to all the hard working lovelies who made the my experience N17 class of 2017 a rousing success."

"What a great program. I met some wonderful new friends, learned a ton from the coaches and awesome volunteers and discovered a tremendous new sport. All while getting fitter and enjoying some beautiful evenings on the water. Pretty amazing combination!"

“I did the LTR and Novice Programs to accomplish something on my bucket list. Little did I know that I would find a bunch of new friends, lose 15 lbs from the rowing, and become involved in an amazing sport.  I highly recommend it!!”


“Came with two buddies with the simple idea to do LTR, check it off the bucket list, been there, done that, and go have breakfast at McGarvey's afterwards.  Then, we caught the rowing bug, and that led to Novice and last year on to full membership.  Along the way, I've met some nice folks who have become good friends.  What a great sport!”


“After 25+ years of running solo 3-5 miles three to four times a week, I was starting to feel the accumulated pounding in my legs and back.  I needed a new sport to stay in shape.  I have found rowing on the water to be a far better work out with the added benefit of being part of a team working together in the boat.”


“The camaraderie that developed with my fellow rowers and coaches was a pretty nice, welcome, and a rather unanticipated wonderful benefit as I progressed from LTR to Novice.  We worked hard on the water to gain a new skill set, and had a lot of fun in the process.”

“One of the enduring lessons we learned early on our Novice year is that rowing is a lot like one would want to live life- you throw away the bad strokes, and cherish the good strokes.”


“Some of the best moments on the water are the mornings rowing out just before daybreak when the calm water glistens like diamonds, and the evenings on the water rowing back to the dock after a good workout coming back down the river watching a glorious sunset.”


“One of our most experienced rowers and valued LTR and Novice class mentors would challenge us to feel the run of the water past the hull of the boat, and to be one with the other rowers in the boat. When that happens, and it's not a given thing, it's like magic and the boat seemingly leaps forward in the water.”