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Tips for Racers

Before the Race:

  1. Review the course map and navigational narrative; the map and narrative point out landmarks and places to avoid. 
  2. This a 13.1-mile race around Wye Island. Be prepared for different wind and water conditions on various parts of the course. 
  3. Please review the information below. 

Race Day: 

  1. Bring adequate water and/or sport drinks for the race. 
  2. Be prepared for the weather! It could be hot and sunny, chilly and rainy, or both at various points on the course. Bring sunscreen and extra clothing. 
  3. Review the course map and navigational narrative again before the race. 
  4. Be ready to launch when called by the race officials. 
  5. Upon finishing the race, please return to the site from which you launched unless instructed otherwise by race officials. 
  6. Obey all instructions given by race officials while on the course and proceeding to and from it. You may be instructed to return to the start in seemingly nice weather if conditions on the other side of the island deteriorate. 
  7. Ask Questions at the registration table. 
  8. Committee boats and safety boats will be strategically placed around the island to ensure your safety and you remain on course. 

Rules for Participants: 

  1. All participants are required to sign a waiver. 
  2. It is the responsibility of race participants to ensure that the equipment they are using is safe and seaworthy. All participants are expected to comply with boating rules and regulations governing their type of craft. Sweep and sculling boats will be checked for the presence of bow balls, quick-release show mechanisms, and life vests for coxswains. 
  3. Race officials will close the course at approximately 2:00 p.m. At that time a sweep-boat will pick up or accompany those still on the course to the landing area depending how far along they are on the course. 
  4. Stay with your boat in case of an accident; if a safety boat is not in sight, ask another rower to signal once for you. 
  5. Signal a safety boat by voice, waving hand or paddle, or with a whistle if you are in need of help. 
  6. Time Spent assisting a rower in trouble will be subtracted from your total. 
  7. Participants must seek permission of race officials before exiting the course. 
  8. For their safety and the safety of other competitors, all participants must obey instructions from race officials while on the course and proceeding to and from it.